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John Weisberg

Please give our Exclusive In-Demand Luthier: John Weisberg; a Warm Welcome! *Exclusive* Violins, Violas, Cellos and Classical Guitars Restoration & Repair

Here are some great pictures of John Weisberg fine tuning expertise seen here in workshop mode **taken by our brilliant photographers. Here they are in full glory! * Please Drop Us a Message if you are interested to purchase one of his master violins, violas, classical guitars, cellos and more. Read on. . .

Julie Dow Luthier -1 | Barneviolins.net

Luthier at work specialist

John Weisberg is an oboist with a BM from Lynn Univeristy in Boca Raton, FL. Through his father Arthur and mother Diane, he was privileged to be around some of the most important musicians of the past century, allowing for a myriad of impressions of what music and sound can be. He has always had a fascination with instruments, both with how and why they work, which led to his passion for repair and construction.

Julie Dow Luthier -2 | Barneviolins.net

Luthier at work specialist

For over a decade he has devoted himself to stringed instruments, having started with a desire to build a sitar in high school. From there he moved on to classical guitars, of which he has constructed over 100. Along with that, he has been commissioned to build among other things, mandolins, ukuleles, harpsichords, ouds, mandolas, mandocellos, balalaikas, arch top guitars, steel string guitars, pochettes, violins and violas through his company, John Weisberg Guitars.

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