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Meet the Amazing BarnesViolins Team: Virginia, Tim, Ben, and John!

” All Roads Lead To Barnesviolins! “


“Renting or Purchasing a well maintained instrument from Barnesviolins contributes to less time wasted in private lessons and more effective individual practicing.”

~ : Violin & Bow : Celestial Strings : ~

“Audrey’s Music

. . . is flying from the strings of her new violin from Barnesviolins!”

Happiness at Barnesviolins! -- photo credit: Tanya Arnold

Student plays at Barnes Violins

“Our customer, Shira, hails all the way from Jerusalem, Israel!”

Nic is bursting through Musical ceilings with his new Violin from Barnesviolins!

~: Finely Tuned & Sweeping Strings: find them today at BarnesViolins : ~

Student from N. Broward Preparatory purchases new Violin, Bow & Case from Barnes Violins

Student from N. Broward Preparatory purchases new Violin, Bow & Case from Barnes Violins

Virginia Barnes and The Sons of Serendip

America’s Got Talent finalists. Kendall Ramseur, Cellist, Performed on our Emiliani Master cello at The Addison, Boca Raton

Or Speak with One of Our BarnesViolins Sales Representatives Near You

Cayman Brubeck (954) 534-0458    Pembroke Pines-Weston-Southwest Ranches-West Davie

Martin Goldman (305) 606-9868  |              Miami-Dade

Cynthia Hinkelman (772) 631-5313  |                  Stuart-Jupiter

James Koehler (239) 410-9784                           Fort Meyers-Naples

Kathryn Krueger (312) 351-1113  West Palm Beach - Lake Worth

Rosy Triay
(787) 366-0021 | Puerto Rico

Barnesviolins' Longtime Customer

Barnes violins owner Tim Barnes with longtime customer Chauncey Patterson, who just purchased a viola made by our luthier, John Weisberg.

barnesviolins customer Chauncey Patterson

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